"Let's the World Wired Wirelessy"
The world is experiencing a tremendous change and turning wireless is getting inevitable. Its superb capacity of carrying vast information and its immediate access feasibility are required for companies to stay in the competition.

With the cutting edge technology and our innovative solutions, we/Jasnikom has shown our ability in serving our customers and assist to be more competitive.
Jasnikom is Indonesia's leading wireless telecommunication service provider. We provide you wireless connectivity to interconnect your company networks data and voice.

Serving mainly medium and large enterprises, we have already proven ourselves as a company worth of its reputation. Jasnikom constantly strives to provide only the best quality wireless telecommunication services.

Contact us at sales@jasnikom.com, or give us a call at:
Jakarta: (62 21) 3983-3111 or
East Kalimantan: (62 542) 416-867 in Balikpapan