a. Wireless Clear Channel Services (WLCC)
Wireless Clear Channel Leased line services offers high quality dedicated leased line. It uses the latest digital technology which allow users to experience a guarantee bandwidth low latency and high reliability. This service allows customers to have guaranteed bandwidth of starting from 64 Kbps to max n x 64 Kbps or n x E1 according to customer's requirement

Wireless Clear Channel services is transparent protocol so that it supports multiple protocol  such as X.25, SNA, TCP/IP   and   many others. The  customers
have options to have Interface such as V.35 for fractional E1 and G.703 for E1 or multiple E1

b. Wireless IP Services (WLIP)
Our WLIP provides you with an IP-based wireless network ideally suitable for all kinds of IP application which allow you to have IP connectivity within your office and branch network or within your office to other service provider, such as ISP.

Wireless IP services enable the users to have high speed and interactive data application over a high reliable and flexibility of bandwidth required, starting from 64 Kbps up to 2 MB. Optional services for 10 Mb and 100 Mb are available upon request.

c. Private Network Service
Jasnikom provides tailored solution for customers that requires unique and specific network requirement. With this service Jasnikom will do the design implementation, project management, and operation and maintenance.

Private network service is aimed to customer with specific applications, high reliability and high security application.

To enable high level of response, Jasnikom may locate engineers in customer premises to supervise and monitor network performance.